"Tell me, what is it you will you do with your one wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver

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It Didn't "Just Happen"


Yesterday began with a trip to the dentist for a filling. Better to fill than fall out, I figure! And, in a deft move of efficiency, I cruised my little Fiat Convertible right over to Discount Tire, for a little swaperoo of my snowtires to summer. (Yes, a little seasonally late---but an impromptu trip to Europe bumped this bit of lifecare---of course!)

And you know what happened?

What could easily be a drudge was joygasmic! I'm not kidding.

How did that happen? (Because it didn't "just happen".)

Here's the secret.

#1. Don't expect it to be drudge. If you do, it will! No kidding...I sort of looked forward to it! 

#2. EMBRACE the  S  P  A  C  E.  Notice that there's opportunity right here. Everywhere, really! IF we can see it!

#3. Be prepared. When I was little I was in Girl Scouts. Our motto: Be Prepared. We each made something called a "Situpon". Vinyl folded over a big magazine and stitched. Kept our bums dry in the rain. Well---I guess that learning stuck, because there I was---prepared! (Less dry though---read on!) I'm a big reader so I had a book with me. One I'd grabbed and was about 3/4 of the way through. Busy days...and well, you know, it had sort of shuffled to the bottom of the pile. So----out it came!

#4. CHOOSE your environment. Notice the options! Expand what's possible! I'm not an inside girl. Not drawn to the sound of mechanics and the scent of burned coffee. That's the norm for most people. And I know it's not for me. Outside---well, it was a clear, sunny, blue sky Colorado day. Were there benches/chairs out there? No. Ahhhhh, but there was a slice of green grass. Now, I have to say, the first thing I noticed was a woman who took her little dog onto the grass---and he did his thing. Well--------gave me a teensy pause. But you know----what won out was another stretch of grass (not freshly watered and scented by a canine creature---to the best of my knowledge!) I went for it. And---as I laid down, oh did it cushion me. Ahhhh. AND was still damp from being watered. The old me would have leapt up, not wanting to get wet. But, as I relaxed into it, I realized it was perfect. The day was hot. The dampness cooled me. Just right. And there I was, on my tummy, in the grass, in my body, and so able to enter INto my book.

#5. Let it flow. The pages flew by. Just what I needed. Rich and resonant. Connecting me with memories, aspirations, myself, and things long forgotten. In the still grass of Discount tire I found myself. After awhile, I realized I was getting close to the end---and the time was longer than they'd said it would take. Choicepoint. Had they called my name? I decided to just keep gift myself with this moment, right to the end...even if my car was done. Finish the arc. Like licking the plate. I did. Closing the book and inhaling one last time. 

#6. It's OK if you get stiff. I realized it was hard to move! Getting up was tricky. How surpising and real and funny! But, it was fine....just fine. Sort of a reading "athletic injury"! 

#7. Celebrate. Take a moment and realize that you created this gift of space and time by your willingness to see it. To step into it. To receive it.  It's true. I came prepared. I have the gift of shifting perspectives which makes all the difference. I love that about me. And want it for you...for everyone, really.


That's how the dentist and the tire shop became joygasmic! What about you? Remember a time you made this shift----and were transported from drudge to joy? Leave it in the comments right here! We'd love to hear about it here. What's YOUR SECRET?? 

Juice. Joy. In it ALL. Even the dentist chair! (Someday, I'll write about the meditation I did there! Or the time I got a flat tire...or...)




Masculinity, Femininity, Headphones and a Mic! 

A few weeks ago I did something new! It even required new apparel---this time, headphones and a big wand of a microphone! It was my pleasure to dance in the moment as a guest on the Dr. Laura Ceil Show. I breathed a little more deeply. Smiled broadly. Leaned in...and wondered what would come next! Together with Laughing Leader coach Greg Giesen, we delved into a rich topic---which took us surprising places. Ones I hadn't imagined I'd go to---and when I did, came so naturally.

Here's the link to the show:

We leaned in, listened deeply, sometimes laughing, sometimes I could feel the wholeness of my being rising, eyes wide open playing hard as I rose to the real.

It's a wild, exhilarating thing---to get real in real time on real airwaves reaching real people. Every word vibrated and mattered.

Which is really true for all of us, in each moment really, isn't it?

We just don't (if you're like me!) realize it and live from that truly alive place!

I'm curious. You---a unique flavor of masculine and feminine combo of juiciness. What's there? Comment freely---in the space of discovery and claim. That' a verdant land! Happy spring (to the Norhern Hemispherians!)





We're alive

What do you do when you are 59...and you learn that a high school friend died in his sleep. Whoa. Just like that, this passionate, wild, crazy, unique, one-of-a-kind if there ever was one guy. Geoff King. Gone. 

This news made its way from Australia...across the Pacific...into my inbox this morning. (Thanks, dear Roslyn--for letting me know.) My heart is all over the place. Joe and I weren't close. Yet we had traveled and played together. Played full-out! Laughed and roared and explored as any good early twenty something does. We weren't close over the years. Yet there he was a few years the Smithsonian magazine I was reading in a doctor's office waiting room in Colorado. I turned the page to a tasmanian devil refuge in Tasmania---20,000 miles away. Could it be the same Geoff King? I sent an inquiry email and sure enough, our friendship rekindled just like that. His passions now fueling rescuing tasmanian devils...and habitat.

Now, Geoff is gone.

Oddly, yesterday I'd come across photo albums of this trip...thought wistfully for a moment before I swooshed back into Work*Productivity*High*Gear. So, this morning when I heard the news---I knew right where that album was. I flipped it open---and found Joe. Grinning and eyes flashing back at me. Playing an air (broom!) guitar, head flung back in song (very likely Bob Dylan). to the crackling campfire.  So young. So alive. So quirky. So adventuring at every turn...there we were a little gaggle of friends, gallivanting up and down the coast of Western Australia. We'd blindly hitchhiked in the offseason (making for a memorable night with an Australian bachelor farmer who took pity on us, the stranded hitchhikers with no ride in sight after a day. He took hospitality to a whole new level! Can still taste that home cooked farmer's breakfast of eggs, sausages, pork chops, potatoes, toast---but I digress!) Memories flooding in. Joe was a jokester. Still is, I reckon! 

And a voice whispers...

"Lynn, blog this."

Really? We weren't that close.

"Yes, really."

So--------here goes. I raise a toast to Geoff (who will always be "Joe" to me.) You lived full-out, mate! You in your red hair. You in your eccentricity. You gave us and the world your whole game. Here's to cricket in the afterlife! And a bevvy of tasmanian devils--with no need for protection. Just frolicking free! And you know---I just realized something. You want us to frolic freely. To enJOY every day. To risk a little (perhaps more than we have up til now). To really "go for it!" To leave it all on the field. To do what we can to make this world better because we were here. You'd love it if that were your legacy. I'm sure of it!

We're alive on this January 23rd (or January 24th for my Aussie mates), 2014.

We HAVE beating hearts. We ARE breathing. 

Let's risk everything!

Let's preserve. Or pre-SERVE!

Let's live as if it's our last day. Because it may be. The French choral anthem in the next room is rising now....voices, clear and strong. My book project awaits on the dining room table...along with a cup of Everyday Detox tea. I'll return shortly. The snow is gently falling off the branches backwashed by brilliant blue skies. Joe---are you there? Still grinning? Bless you and bless us everyone! Bless this whole blessed journey called life on earth. 

Who knew I'd be saying goodbye to a high school friend today? Belated thanks, Joe! For being a friend and fellow traveller. For opening me to myself....for leading the way...for by being you, inviting me into my true authentic being. Your life was as fiery as your red hair. 

Postscript: If you're reading this, you're alive. Me too. Let's make it good. Let's make it great!

Let's do it for Joe!






18, 835 days

"You are the force that inspires, cultivates power within, ushers in the joy, and raises the bar of fantastic! Happy Birthday my incredible friend!!!"


Yesterday was my birthday. Social media neophyte that I am---I was bowled over by the global love-messages that landed in my inbox! These are all beautiful people. Whom I've loved. Connected with. Been blessed to know. And wow---to see these wishes cascade and ripple and vibrate---man (yes, I lived throught the 70's!), what a gift!! 

As I read and scrolled, I could even can see these people, connecting---not known to each other---but all connected in a web of life on this planet. What a cool vision. I'd LOVE them to have the chance to meet. Hmmmm...maybe that's a future birthday wish I'll make come true!

But here's the thing. Today. I want to say this...with 59 years lived. Yes, yesterday I claimed the most excellent, juicy, glorious, embodied 59 on the planet. I have stuff up my sleeves! I have some life lived warrior wounds---and badges. I have some scrapes and scars. I have a heart the size of Jupiter. I have heaps of hope. I have buff vision-holding muscles. All, because I've had the gift of being alive for 18, 835 days! (Just did the math---yes, with a pencil---I can still multiply which is also great news in this calculated age!) Whoa!

18, 835 days.

As I write, this sounds simultaneously very short---and very long.

What I really see in this that life comes in days.

Like today.

And, the only way we can live them is a day at a time. (I've done that quite literally, metaphorically, spiritually---but that's a story for another time!) No more, no less. None more important. All very real. That's both sobering and sweet to me. 

And so today...

I will listen.

To the love the world has sent. To my friend's reflections of me. To the impact I'm having in the world. To the dreams/visions/stuff in me that I haven't even said out loud yet. To my body. To you.

And I'll do it all with love...and gratitude.

Since midnight---this day---I've slept six hours. Connected over steel cut oats with a dear friend for two hours (with coffee flowing). Coached  for one hour. Booked a hotel room for a getaway. Prepped for coaching clients. Shared with my husband. And connected with you---right here in this moment. 

I've wished for you. For the feeling of this header, landing in your Facebook page...on your birthday.

And, if for some reason, your life feels not quite aligned, less juicy, joyful or powerful than you desire,  know that I stand by. Ready, to join you as we roll up our sleeves. Ready to flex my vision holding muscles in service of your fulfillment! Right here---in this precious hour of your life. I'm a simple finger click away. L'chaim!


Delicious Cosmic Joke

A couple months ago, a dear friend of mine, Jenny Finn, moved away. I miss her curled up on my Big Red Couch. This morning, as her website popped up in my inbox, I dropped in. Kind of like a cuppa tea with Jenny. To catch up. Feel her closeness, catch a wave of her particular flavor of juice (trust me...very tart, fresh and juicy!).

You never know...

Savoring, opening, leaning in---I glanced at the column of testimonials on the right. Real like rain. Succulent like late summer's fruit. Jenny's unique essence and abundant gifts leapt and danced (like Jenny does!) up and out and into me.

Wait for it...

Then, there it came. A little inner thought. Wow. This is great. I wish I was having this impact in the world. You know, little inner voices whispering little germy thoughts. Oh Lynn, you're not enough. Look at Jenny, SHE knows how to activate! Actually, they aren't exactly little. When they arrive (less often now than 10 years ago, but yes, they do still arrive) they create a little chorus of naysayers. Pointing----always in the direction of my lack. Bam. Lack. Bang. Not enough. Pow. 

Wait for it...

Thankfully, I kept reading to the end. And there it was. Shazam! The testimonial I'd been reading was written by ME! I laughed out loud----rolled my head back, pushed my chair back, the whole of me erupting with the ridiculous, glorious truth. I WAS having impact. I just didn't know it. The joke was on ME! 

Cosmic joke...cosmic gift

And----that brought me right back here. To you. To this blog. Us---connecting. Whether hundreds or thousands. Known or unknown. WE are impacting each other in every moment.

At a minimum we breathe each other's air. The same air. Shared.

We create love. Waves of love. Or hate, waves of hate. Either way---we are up to something, and it ripples out. Locally...and ultimately globally.

This morning, I didn't expect to see me being broadcast from the Blue Ridge Mountains. I had no idea. Nor do YOU know who is sharing you, loving better because of something you did long ago...long forgotten.

Never underestimate that. 

So, vroom vroom! Let's live! Risk! Be (I mean really be---the messy whole-hearted version). Enjoy! Create! Put it out there. Little (we think but they never are) things. And big. Loving the checkout clerk. Going the extra mile. Showing up courageously and speaking the truth that needs to be shared. Big or small. So that we can (like in the old school days) raise our hand and say, "Present!" Because it is. This is the gift of being alive. In the quirky, dancing swirl of the Mystery of life.

And then, get ready to delight in the surprise---when, bam, it circles round to you.

You can't predict it...but you can count on it!

p.s. Thanks Jenny...from the Big Red Couch! And, if you're curious---here's Jenny's site!