"Tell me, what is it you will you do with your one wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver

After a coaching call, I hang up the phone and say, "I love coaching!" It's such a huge joy and privilege to buckle up with my clients and get really curious. And---amazing, life-changing things happen---in front of our eyes! A world citizen, it's my joy to coach globally.

Lynn Young, MA, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Graduate of  the Coaches Training Institute's Life Coach Training Program and Leadership Program. Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. Passionate. Professional. Bold. Funny. Big Lover. Spirited. And will show up fully for you with every cell of my being. Coaching isn't for the faint of heart (but I really don't think anyone is faint at their core.). My clients appreciate the turbo-charged verve. The tantalizing and contagious calls to action. The joy as they embrace the lives they've imagined!  I'm hugely grateful to my many teachers including---Henry and Karen Kimsey-House, Lynne Twist, David Whyte, T. Michael Rock, Benjamin Broadbent, and Benjamin, Meg and Patrick Young and my parents---who taught me how to access true joy.


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It's that easy. I stand by in service of your dreams. You'll know if it's time. And if you're not sure---why not reach out towards your desire and explore a little? Test the coaching waters? My "Big Red Couch" awaits you---whether in person, or by phone or Skype from anywhere in the world!



Global Co-Active Coaching with Lynn Young...

Coaching Harnesses Power. The power of the individual (innate, whole, beautiful.) The power of the coach (trained, curious, committed, holding the client “big”). And the power of the coaching relationship---bigger than both of the above on their own. Athletes know this. Fortune 500 CEO’s know this. Professionals in human potential know this. And anyone who has experienced coaching knows this!

How Coaching Works...I coach people globally. Two turbo-charged sessions a month (55 min. to an hour each), with unlimited email, and a 15 minute “tune-up” session in between, upon request. My local clients choose to come to my home office or to be coached by phone (equally powerful) or a combination of both. My national/international clients are coached by phone or Skype.

Coaching launches with Discovery. About You. Laser-focusing on dream…the gap between what is and what is longed for.  Uncovering your unique values. Everything else builds naturally upon this. Coaching inherently involves action. As you become more attuned to your values (and freed up from self-limiting beliefs) you become more courageous with your actions more truly aligned. Ultimately you're empowered to lead a life that is “on purpose” in every way! It’s a lot of fun. It’s intimate. It’s honest It’s real. It absolutely changes lives.

 Outcomes. Yup, you're right to ask! Here's what you can expect, and what my clients experience...

  • Increased energy, action in service of your dreams
  • Unblocking of that which has been “stuck” (we’re human, this happens!)
  • A clear plan of A C T I O N
  • Choices that are in sync with your true self
  • The joy that comes from living from your values
  • A growing sense of peace and power
  • The ability to name your desires and invite others to join in
  • More curiosity, more fun, more play, more risk (the good kind that moves people forward)

Bottom line. My coaching clients discover lives they are excited to get of bed for in the morning…lives laced with more joy, passion and power. Lives they are truly delighted to call their own.  



Client Testimonials

 Real people. Real lives. Real impact. 


"Lynn, with her deep insight and intuition, helped me to rediscover and recommit to my personal values, aligning my coaching program perfectly with my talents, interests, and passions. Through our work together, and by unravelling the internal stories that kept me stuck, I developed a courage, curiosity and compassion that propelled me to the next level personally and professionally." 

Kristy Milligan, Southern Colorado Regional Director, Rocky Mountain PBS


"When I first started to play with the idea of seeing a coach, I had decided that it was for “career planning” – I needed, I said to myself, a career coach to help me identify my true passions within my vocation as a minister, as I was anticipating a transition and wanted to do it with clear sight. Lynn was recommended, and I found myself on the big red couch. The coaching experience with Lynn was so much more than I had anticipated – Lynn helped show me that all my parts are integrated, from career to body, with spiritual well-being, relationships, finances, and surroundings in between. Through working with Lynn I was able to claim my desires with boldness, take some risks, and at the same time relax, trusting my own sense of self. Thank you!"

Katherine Raley, Minister


 "Thank you for all of this wonderful goodness. I speak of you so often and how our work together helps every aspect of my life. I just want you to know that you've helped me be the best and getting better version of myself - and to me that is the most amazing gift I've ever received!!! 

Guinivere Stevenson, Arched Brow Productions, Denver, USA


"I can't say enough about the gateway you helped to open. It was the perfect touch at the perfect time by the absolute perfect person."

 KS, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA


"Lynn Young…where do I start?  Just having a “coach” was a stretch for me. I couldn’t figure how I deserved it! Though I have done a lot of personal development training and work, somehow having my own personal coach – outrageous! 

And then there’s Lynn the woman. Her presentation is remarkable! I mean, the clothes she wears and this inner light that emanates from her being… It couldn’t have been just anyone for me. She has precisely the right combination of beauty, respect, honesty, quirkiness, openness, integrity, humor, insight, play and oh yes love and joy to dissolve my reservations and inspire trust. Having a person like her to be with who is committed to supporting my life – well it is personal development on a whole new level! 

I am an artist and a creative consultant, so I work in an unconventional field, to say the least, and yet respect and demand professionalism from others and myself. Lynn’s combination of worldly experience and creativity are just right. Her encouragement and tools for me to work visually and kinesthetically has been key to unlocking a whole new way of accessing what it is that I really want and then manifesting it. It has been miraculous! 

If you are someone who has a hard time sitting still and demands beauty and artistry in all that you do, then Lynn is the coach for you. My time with her has been absolutely precious, and the results I am producing in my work and my life testify as to her effectiveness."

Wendy E. S. Mike, Creative Engagement, USA


“Lynn Young is a superb life coach.  I engaged Lynn's services as I began the transition from a long career as an educator into retirement or as I prefer ‘pro-tirement’.  I was anxious about the unknown future and wanted to create a new life of both service and savoring.   We met in such a serendipitous way several years ago...I recognized that Lynn would be an ideal coach.  She has remarkable interpersonal gifts and an infectious joy in life that uplifts and illuminates every coaching session.  She is wise, an active listener and provides the most illuminating observations about me and my life.  Specifically, she has supported me not only to clarify what it is I want and need in the present but what is it I need to do now in order to realize my long term vision and goals.  Lynn affirmed me, pushed me and challenged me to embrace this next chapter of my life and to become the person I have always wanted to be. I am extremely grateful to her for setting me on my path."

 SW, Providence, Rhode Island, USA


I cannot recommend Lynn highly enough. Her style and communication on the phone was great, she made me feel very comfortable."

 BT, Sydney, Australia

"Lynn's coaching is bold, fearless and incredibly powerful.  She combines deep intuition with a huge handful of open mindedness, creativity and curiosity.  What that means as a client is you are never bored, don't get stuck down a rabbit hole and you have a great deal of permission to rediscover how you could do things differently to get even better results. She gets to the heart of the matter and then pulls you forward with love and lots of honouring."

VA, United Kingdom


About three years ago I was offered a great career opportunity. I knew I possessed the technical skills to do the job, but felt challenged by the human relations aspects of the position. I approached Lynn about working with me as I grew into the position. It lasted a year and a half and then management changed and I moved into another role. Lynn helped me through this transition as another even more exciting opportunity emerged. The safe space and support she provided as I tried to keep things together through these transitions was amazing and affirming. I would start each session feeling somewhat on top of things, but as we delved into what I wanted coaching on I would come apart a bit. I would then leave each session ready to take on new challenges, more open, tuned in, and aware. I am extremely comfortable in my left-brain analytic world but Lynn has a way of dragging me reluctantly into my right brain. We find metaphors and creative ways to deal with things, brainstorm crazy options , laugh, cry. As I move abroad for my new job I look forward to continuing our coaching relationship.

                                                           KB, Berlin, Germany



“Whatever arena Lynn serves, she does an excellent job of collaboration, vision casting, and skillful coaching.”

GB, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA


Some people care about credentials---some don't. Here are mine, just in case you were wondering! I'm an ICF Certified Co-Active Coach. A graduate of the Co-Active Life Coach Training Program with the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI). A life-long learner, I'm a graduate of the Co-Active Leadership Program Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation.  I harness my life experience (over two decades of most excellent professional and civic experience) my MA in Counseling and Human Services from the University of Colorado, and my BS in Social Work, magna cum laude, from the University of Minnesota. A self-described "freelance creative" I’m a published author, facilitator/trainer, community catalyst and artist. 


Welcome.  I welcome you as a client!

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