"Tell me, what is it you will you do with your one wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver


18, 835 days

"You are the force that inspires, cultivates power within, ushers in the joy, and raises the bar of fantastic! Happy Birthday my incredible friend!!!"


Yesterday was my birthday. Social media neophyte that I am---I was bowled over by the global love-messages that landed in my inbox! These are all beautiful people. Whom I've loved. Connected with. Been blessed to know. And wow---to see these wishes cascade and ripple and vibrate---man (yes, I lived throught the 70's!), what a gift!! 

As I read and scrolled, I could even can see these people, connecting---not known to each other---but all connected in a web of life on this planet. What a cool vision. I'd LOVE them to have the chance to meet. Hmmmm...maybe that's a future birthday wish I'll make come true!

But here's the thing. Today. I want to say this...with 59 years lived. Yes, yesterday I claimed the most excellent, juicy, glorious, embodied 59 on the planet. I have stuff up my sleeves! I have some life lived warrior wounds---and badges. I have some scrapes and scars. I have a heart the size of Jupiter. I have heaps of hope. I have buff vision-holding muscles. All, because I've had the gift of being alive for 18, 835 days! (Just did the math---yes, with a pencil---I can still multiply which is also great news in this calculated age!) Whoa!

18, 835 days.

As I write, this sounds simultaneously very short---and very long.

What I really see in this that life comes in days.

Like today.

And, the only way we can live them is a day at a time. (I've done that quite literally, metaphorically, spiritually---but that's a story for another time!) No more, no less. None more important. All very real. That's both sobering and sweet to me. 

And so today...

I will listen.

To the love the world has sent. To my friend's reflections of me. To the impact I'm having in the world. To the dreams/visions/stuff in me that I haven't even said out loud yet. To my body. To you.

And I'll do it all with love...and gratitude.

Since midnight---this day---I've slept six hours. Connected over steel cut oats with a dear friend for two hours (with coffee flowing). Coached  for one hour. Booked a hotel room for a getaway. Prepped for coaching clients. Shared with my husband. And connected with you---right here in this moment. 

I've wished for you. For the feeling of this header, landing in your Facebook page...on your birthday.

And, if for some reason, your life feels not quite aligned, less juicy, joyful or powerful than you desire,  know that I stand by. Ready, to join you as we roll up our sleeves. Ready to flex my vision holding muscles in service of your fulfillment! Right here---in this precious hour of your life. I'm a simple finger click away. L'chaim!

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