Best Mass Loving
Tuesday, June 14, 2016 at 12:34AM
Lynn Young

Yesterday, when I heard of the terrorist shooting at the LGBT club in Orlando, I found myself thinking..."Someone should do something." Looking around. For others to lead, say, do.

Then, I realized I am that someone.

We all are.

And this morning as we struggle with what is being called the Worst Mass Shooting in our nation's history I thought this. We have a category. We have numbers. For the horrific. For the unimaginable (while we honor that this takes place daily in the nations of our beloved sisters and brothers.) So----what if we claim a new category?

Maybe Best Mass Loving. And we start to tell these stories. Amazing ourselves. Bathe the world with our better angels in charge.

So...instead of Random Acts of Violence...we create Random (as in Surprising, Intentional) Acts of Love. We disarm through love. We take our imPULSE for revenge or an eye for an eye...and we redirect it to something even more imPULSE borne of our hearts that imPULSE of sheer, audacious love in the face of it all. That's Ghandi. That's Buddha. That's Jesus. That's Humans (at our best---this doesn't require's simply what the power and beauty of religion has held up at its best.)

Will you join me? Write. Read. Speak. Act. From love. I don't know what that will look like...but I know it doesn't include judgment, damnation, othering, we-they-knee-jerkiness. includes remembering that we belong to each other. Every single diverse one of us. Everyone. I'm up for that wave. Using the powerful love of water raining down from the mountains. Plug into our inner Martin Luther Kings. Your inner whatever it is that inspires you---and makes you feel more brave, more real, more whole, more alive, more able to risk really loving. Post here. Post on your page. Write with chalk on your sidewalks. With lipstick or dry erase on your windows. Let's roll. Let's be the world we wish to see.

Love, Lynn

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