"Tell me, what is it you will you do with your one wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver



Two Boots

I leapt out of bed. Full of energy and purpose. You know those days! And got dressed---reflecting and on fire with all of that. My creative self alive and at play in my clothes. Going for it, loving it, allowing this expression wild and free---and truly me. (Not a rare occurrence for me!) And I leapt into the day.

A copuple of hours later my first client arrived. She exclaimed, "Oh look at you---I love your creative style!" Now---this is a really common refrain I hear. In the streets. From strangers. So, I smiled and nodded, and into my red red red office she came for her coaching session. She continued to exclaim. I continued to nod to myself, yes of course...and smile. She went on..."And look---wow, you're even wearing two different boots!"

Two boots??!

I looked down. And sure enough. Two entirely different boots---all the way up to my knees---one black and lean with a bold buckle and one sandy distressed more rugged, cowboy style! I had no idea! Now---here's the full disclosure: this wasn't part of that creative dresing choice in my closet! This was a byproduct quickly getting dressed because I couldn't wait to start my day. And I was stunned. I hadn't even noticed! (They even had a sligthly different heel height.) We laughed and laughed! 

And what a joy! To be so fine with it. To enjoy the wild cosmic humor of it all, as tears of laughter streamed down my cheeks. Gotta love that! And I felt so thankful that I'm at this stage in my life. With the benefit of freedom. Joy. Not taking myself too seriously. Able to laugh at all the cosmic jokes! And find joy in it all!

And you know what?? She had an amazing coaching session! And I had a juicy full day...2 boots and all!

Do you have a "two boots" story?? ;)



4 Years

This is a Big Open Blogspace on my Big Red Couch. For everyone. That said, I'll write freely, no matter what. Like about the experience I just had. Fully engaged in life. A way of living I absolutely believe in. For You. Me. Each of us, engaged deeply, authentically and passionately in our one precious life. Having impact. Big impact. 

For me, that includes engaging in the political process---sort of like showing up and bringing a dish to "family dinners". Bringing the love. Caring. Contributing. (So whatever political party ffiliation you have or don't have, know that I support you doing just that---in YOUR unique way, with YOUR people/family/party.) 

4 years ago, I jumped in with two feet behind a young, black candidate for President. People smiled. Patted me on the head. "Oh---you're such a cute idealist," they'd say. Well---that jump/immersion in campaigning ended in a lifetime experience. Beyond my wildest imagining, I was elected as the only female Obama delegate from our congressional district to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. There, on that momentous summer day, the day that marked the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech, we nominated our first ever African American for president in US history. (Note the trend here. Passion. Jump big. Do something. Go for it fully. And See What Happens!) It was the time of my life, baby. No words begin to describe it. (There is a documentary that was made, "Passion for Change," which includes me. Check it out if you're curious! You'll see my in my kitchen---wielding a large knife!)

4 years pass. Now, two fabulous people ask me to coach them on their dream of running as delegates. One is blind. Both win. Joe asks me to be his sighted guide to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina! Wow. There I was---right in the thick of it once again, with my arm out, guiding, gently, continuosly. There I was, immersed in the ridiculously diverse (and accurately reflecting who WE are as a nation) delegation as we rolled up our sleeves and did our party's business. Breaking bread. Dancing. Crying. Cheering. There I was, touching the arm of Jessie Jackson, at Joe's side as Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviewed him, shaking hands with Chuck Todd, hugging Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, calling out to Gwen Ifill, immersing in passion and possibility. Getting fired up to come back home and work as I've never worked before. Living a dream. My dream---only it was real. Very very real.

4 years from now. I have no idea. And I prefer it that way. Something I recently read or heard spoke to the fact that our lives have the potential to be way more magnificent than we could ever make up. That's so true for me. Little suburban girl. Met my first African American person in my teens. Met my first Jewish person (that I was aware of) in college.  My dad, an electrical estimator, mom homemaker. Me---a year in Tasmania, Australia as an exchange student in high school Just the beginning! Living in Korea. Relocating to Colorado. An author?? Oh hullo---truly, "who would have ever thunk it?" as my daddy used to say! So, I'm not going to put parameters on anything. What do  I do commit to?? To show up. And show up Big. And curious.  Eat the fried chicken. Pass the gravy. Serve each other at the table of our global family. Toast and cry and hug and go out iand tend the world. This juicy world of richness and renewal. Our world. The only one we'll ever have. And what a world it is!

p.s. Yes, I got a cold and am under the weather. Yes, I'm exhausted. Yes, I'm smiling as I write. Yes, I'm so glad I went!! Yes, I can't wait to see what's next!


Just A Penny

Today---here's inspiration I just found. Landed in my inbox this morn. It shimmered a little more than the 200 others. Annie Dillard. Fresh. And I  felt that "nudge" to pass to you. You know the nudge. The one what when you follow it in real time (even when you are very busy, like I am, today) it flows out and so does your energy, and the world is a better place. So here. The nudge. My response. To share. Enjoy... p.s. I think that nudge is divine. Doesn't matter the name---not one iota. What matters is the suprise, the delight, the noticing, the flow. Enjoy!


Eating the Plum...and My Bailiwick

Today I claimed my bailiwick.


You know that thing that you are HERE for. The turf that belongs to YOU. Your life purpose---and you know it (or deny it, or fear it, or can't even believe it!) Mine is to

"Eat The Plum!"

Which is to say---to live life THAT wildly and fully and unabashedly----embracing this present moment and the infinite possibilities it contains---this JoyLoveLiving thing! To BE the joy. Show the way to Joy. Unleash Joy. Eat the plum. And realize that it (joy, life, possibility) is everywhere--all the time---no matter what. To show up, unabashedly and are you ready-----simply savor. I mean really savor. Juicy dripping down my chin cuz the fruit of life is THAT sweet, savor! In public. Wow.   

So---I looked up bailiwick in the dictionary (of course I have a big, fat, real International Websters----unabridged!). And did I ever love definition #2. Now, before you read this...think of YOURS. Your reason for being. Your bailiwick. That thing that has you by the balls (and has since you were tiny little) and won't let go. Because----it belongs to you! It IS you. OK---got it? Good. Now...imagine this.

Your Big Beautiful Bailiwick:

 "The special province or domain in which one has superior aptitude knowledge, or experience or in which ONE HAS A PARTICULAR RIGHT TO ENJOY FREE ACTIVITY, exercise authority, and command attention and respect."  

Really. That is YOURS. It belongs to you.

Now---I'm curious---with that knowledge, what will you do in this next precious moment, baby? Begin. And remember---ENJOY IT!





Imagining Truth

This morning, reading the Sunday NY Times (yes, I savor the Sunday edition throughout the week) a piece jumped out at me. Gave me pause. About an author---and his book. 

An avid reader. I must confess, that my "appetite" for reading sometimes exceeds the hours in the week...or a lifetime!. In fact, you could call this book/idea loving of mine a slight addiction...enabled by Amazon's single click ease! And you'd be right. The stack of books next to my bed could be entered in the Olympics. And win! In fact, a friend recently went up to put his coat on our bed during a party--and came down announcing that he'd taken a photo in out bedroom---of my bookstack! (I released the "shoulds" of reading them long ago---freed up by the words of Thomas Moore, author of "Care of the Soul", who said his books surrounding him were like friends---he'd never read them all, but loved having them around! Now you're talking!)

So, it will come as no surprise that Jonah Leher's recently released, "Imagine~How Creativity Works" is in my kitchen counter stack (of course these bookfriendstacks are in every room of our house!) waiting to be enjoyed. Which brings me to today's news. Apparently Jonah made up some of the quotes---and attributed them to Bob Dylan. Why? Because, in an interview he was caught off guard---and told a small lie--which led to the next and the next. (See the British sitcom "Coupling"  Season Two episode "Naked" for an outrageously funny and poignant example of this!)

First blush: Smug. It's great that I don't do that. I feel for him.

Second deeper knowing: Not so fast, Lynn. I'm not exempt. I've done this. Not to this extent, maybe---but this is a slippery slope---one that begins with simply being less than authentic. Less than real in real time.  No, I haven't plagiarized or made stuff up.  But truly, I realize that I'm not exquisitely honest (thank you Gay Hendricks for coining this phrase). I mean really. ("Does this dress make my butt look big?") So I got to what ways in my life am I less than 100% authentic? And I'm guessing you know those zones, too. So let's go there. Let's invite that kind of living. And sharing. And truth-telling (not the let it all hang out like raw laundry cuz I'm thinking it kind...but the real, honest, heart and soul kind).

I'll meet you there.


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