"Tell me, what is it you will you do with your one wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver


Plan. Execute. Exalt. Move On.

Years ago a wise friend, Steve Ferguson, said this: Plan. Execute. Exalt. Move on. I don't know who the author is---or whom to credit. (If you do, please let me know!) Here's what I DO know. These words rang true. They stuck. And I've shared them ever since. There's power in them. And there's power in knowing which one we are intentionally choosing to live into in each moment. Today---I am exalting! Here's why...

Plan. It's one month since my commitment to embrace my hot yoga practice. Anew. Fresh. For real. I even announced it right here in front of you and the world. That's great---and surely in the arena of "plan". (We coaches know that when you announce/share your intentions with the world, you up the ante. You are out there. Transparent. And inviting the whole world to lean in and see, and support you, and frankly---to be a part of what you are up to. It makes a difference!) But, planning is not enough. It feels good. But it's empty without...

Execute. Ahhhhhhh. Books have been written about this one! I won't go there. I'll just cut to the chase. Here's what happened. I entered it in my big, red, beautiful planner for my juicy life IN COLORED PEN (those who know me know I'm a pencil girl---giving, of course flexibility!) Beautiful---and it looked like I really intended to follow through. Next, I told my partner. I employed scientific data (for my quite right-brained self---this is fresh, and I have to say fun territory!) reviewing my past month, and seeing where I had the fewest commitments, thus creating an ease for the yoga slot. And then, there was that cool Trader Joe's bag with the great shape---which I packed and hung on the door. Now I'm cooking with gas. Ready. I got in my little lime green VW beetle---and took my body to yoga. With plenty of time to lay on the mat and soak in the heat. Hydrated. Present. Once. Twice. Connection growing to my new teacher (thanks Kate, you're just what I needed!). The return visits. The groove. The glow. And before you know it...

Exalt. Yes, here I am, exalting! Because I honored my commitment and that alone feels hot and sweet. But I know it's deeper. I'm exalting in my body. I'm exalting in the power and strength that is emerging. I'm exalting in the centering and stillness. I'm exalting in being able to say not only that I love yoga---but that I'm practicing it! I'm exalting because this integrity and alignment of my intention with action (let alone my spine) feels fabulous. I'm exalting because this re-commitment to my yoga practice is like a strong foundation----on which my dreams and goals can firmly rest. My body, honored and cared for and ready. I'm exalting that with this yoga practice in place I'm now primed to...

Move On. Yup. To the next new, delicious thing I'll embrace in my juicy life. Stay tuned...




Nine Eagles

It happens to all of us. Coaches too. I get busy...I put you (my clients) and everything else first. And before you know it there's a gentle slide out of commitments I've made to myself. Such as hot yoga. Ahem. Yes---I know it centers me, makes me stronger, enlivens me, nurtures my one and only body gift. (A beautiful turtledove fust flew right up to the window as I wrote that!) Yes, my rational self knows this. AND---the gap between that knowing and my empty statements of intention grew wider til it was the Grand Canyon. There it was. Yoga on one side, me on the other. Out of integrity with my body and my commitments and really, my desires. And yes. Ahem. I'm a life coach! All day long---inviting people to live into their most aligned life! Irony not lost on me.

There's a beautiful phrase I live by and offer to my clients. It's the personal reset button: Begin again. As simple as that. No big deal. No drama. So---yesterday, I made that powerful commitment. I decided that to face the last month's truth: that my attempts to squeeze yoga in (ridiculous, I know!) and have it not quite fitting anywhere and the victim of the "oh something more important came up" calendar bump was simply not working. I faced another truth. That I was tempting fate, too. That I was tricking myself and telling myself  a lie. You know the one. I'm healthy right now. With a just fine body. I'm sure it will stay that way til I'm 100 (yes, I'd love to live til then!)...even if I don't tend it. That's called a self-limiting belief. Bam. Busted!

Here's the new commitment (public, bold, inviting you in to see it and hold me accountable to it): My body is a gift. I will tend it, like a garden. Give it the nutrients it needs. In that big spirit, I commit to embracing hot yoga----twice a week! For real. Into my planner---in beautiful blue calligraphy INK (everything else flexes in pencil), with yellow highlighter (very nice, I'm Swedish!). That was a start---making a big enough, juicy enough goal to get me excited, and create a structure that is fun (like me) makes me smile, and is strong enough to hold! I even researched my past month (very left brain of me, pat on the back) and discovered the dates/times that had the fewest commitments and chose those yoga classes. 

What happened next you ask? I got up this morn, and went to yoga. I intentionally held the eagle pose, feeling an intuitive draw to that power and strength in me and this freshly minted commitment to Something Bigger and Bolder. And then, on the way home, beaming, sunroof open, hot and alive---nine golden eagles circled over my head. Nine! I live in Colorado, and have seen solo goldens before (tho somewhat rarely.) Nine was unbelievable. And felt like the exclamation point on what I'm up to! 

Which of course makes me curious about you. Where's your gap? The place of untended intentions? The place where your words, desires and real actions are out of alignment? Look there. Go play there. Write a comment from there. This is the land of action...the wildly fresh land of coaching and possibility. I'll meet you there! 


Dreams are Nice...But Real is Much Better!

I know I'm a Life Coach. Yup----got all the tools. AND---sometimes I freeze. I have an old story. And this is the perfect place to proclaim it---and release it! It goes something like this: I'm right brained. I was born without a left brain (rare, but true. Just kidding---tho I've said it out loud before!) UP UNTIL NOW (these are important words---bookmark them!) I've believed that I'm not technological. I've said that proudly. Sassily. Boldly. As if it was the truth.

Guess what I just did? I decided to launch a website in a day. Why, you ask?? Because I'm guest appearing on a cooking show tomorrow (stay tuned for the link) and it's a great opportunity, right? To get my website out into the world. One small didn't exist! (It's been a dream for about 3 years. YOU know what I'm talking about! Dreams are just that. Cool---fantasy wonderfulness---that's all.) So, this morning I came up with a name. And a half hour ago---I noticed that another website I loved the look of was created on squarespace. I'm onto something. (This is the wonderful follow the fragrance of your desire---or dogsniffing technique! Bookmark that, too!) I went there. I clicked. And it invited me to begin. Wow---like a doorway opening. So here I am, up to my knees in coolness and something that looks like it will become REAL (note the difference to 'dream') as I write my first blogpost here. We'll see. I don't really know what will happen---and you know, there's a freedom in that! So---what dream have YOU been deferring? Who knows what can happen in 1/2 hour! 

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