"Tell me, what is it you will you do with your one wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver



Dreams are Nice...But Real is Much Better!

I know I'm a Life Coach. Yup----got all the tools. AND---sometimes I freeze. I have an old story. And this is the perfect place to proclaim it---and release it! It goes something like this: I'm right brained. I was born without a left brain (rare, but true. Just kidding---tho I've said it out loud before!) UP UNTIL NOW (these are important words---bookmark them!) I've believed that I'm not technological. I've said that proudly. Sassily. Boldly. As if it was the truth.

Guess what I just did? I decided to launch a website in a day. Why, you ask?? Because I'm guest appearing on a cooking show tomorrow (stay tuned for the link) and it's a great opportunity, right? To get my website out into the world. One small didn't exist! (It's been a dream for about 3 years. YOU know what I'm talking about! Dreams are just that. Cool---fantasy wonderfulness---that's all.) So, this morning I came up with a name. And a half hour ago---I noticed that another website I loved the look of was created on squarespace. I'm onto something. (This is the wonderful follow the fragrance of your desire---or dogsniffing technique! Bookmark that, too!) I went there. I clicked. And it invited me to begin. Wow---like a doorway opening. So here I am, up to my knees in coolness and something that looks like it will become REAL (note the difference to 'dream') as I write my first blogpost here. We'll see. I don't really know what will happen---and you know, there's a freedom in that! So---what dream have YOU been deferring? Who knows what can happen in 1/2 hour! 

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