"Tell me, what is it you will you do with your one wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver

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Cooking Music

I Love to Cook.

The real question, though, would be "How often do I cook?" We all know that gap. The things I love---and how long it's been since we've done them!

Well, lately I've been cooking more. As the spirit moves me. With the stuff in the frig that's saying, "It's NOW or never!" To eat more healthily. (Yes, I'm happy to report that the whole plants eating continues! Yes...of course, a teensy bit of this and that have gone in...but mostly, I'm loving grooving in this new, clean way of eating.)

You know what else I love?? Trying new things? Cooking up new recipes. There are two tricks I've discovered which have made all the difference---which I'll gladly pass along to you. 

Secret Trick #1: Make sure the "recipe" sounds good to you in the first place!

YOU know your tastes. So---while being willing to stretch a little, make sure to also connect with your intuition (also called your "gut"--kind of perfect for this anology) and see if you're really eager to taste it! If the answer is no---pass on that recipe!

Secret Trick #2. Your Flavor of Music!

Your own flavor of music that makes you move and groove and light up as you swerve and jive across your kitchen floor. Now---this is as unique as there are people! I'll tell you mine shortly. Maybe it will be yours, too. Or----maybe there's some secret, hidden musical sauce in you that will lube what you are up to. Don't be shy. Let those tunes out! And you'll be on your way.

Paris Cafe Accordian!

That's it. For me----the Paris Cafe accordian vibe puts me right there. I'm a softie for accordian music. Maybe because my mom played when I was little. Maybe it's the reediness. I. Just. Love. It.'s what's really working for me. First, I fire up my Jawbone Big Jambox on my counter (my super-cool portable tunes player that looks like a hot red lego brick that would be equally as happy in the Metropolitan Museum of Design!). Then, I fire up Spotify and search for "Paris Cafe" or "Accordian". Easey Peasey! Turn it on--and a grin instantly lands on my face. Wry. Like I'm going on a date. Fun. Like I'm on an adventure---which of course I am...with food! I play it nonstop til it's time for dinner. Then, it MAY be the right music for dinner, too----or you can slide into something else.

Here's the truth: YOU will know. WHAT you want to cook up. WHAT the just right music is for you.

And----if for some reason you don't know on either question---well, then, simply begin experimenting! I guarantee you'll discover your secret flavor. And that's what will nourish you!

Pssssst. In case you think we've only been talking about food. Ahem. The very same tricks apply to discovering and cooking up your own unique, succulent life! 

What's your favorite cooking music?? I'd love to know in comments. Who knows--it just might inspire the incredible dish that emerges in someone else's kitchen---or life!