"Tell me, what is it you will you do with your one wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver

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Not a luxury...

About 30 years ago. I walked into a fresh, indie flower shop on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota. I could feel my pores instantly expanding---saying "Yes!" (do you know that feeling?) Then, the lilting British accent said this: "In the U.S. you think of flowers as a luxury-----in the UK, my mum thinks of them as a necessity." 


I've never forgotten it.

It's easy to think that coaches have it ALL together. All the time. 24/7, baby. Wrapped in juicy perspectives! Fueled by fantastic dreams-vision-action-values-aligned-bold-power-choices. Every single moment of each and every day. Ahem. That's actually not real. It's the guy behind the curtain! And, when you pull it back---you find a human being. Like me. Passionate. A super coach...


A person who sometimes neglects (I don't use this word lightly) to "put my oxygen mask on first" as they wisely say to parents on airplanes. Real people, about to take flight.

Today, the words of Hannah Massarella arrived in my inbox. While she's writing especially for me...her wisdom is spot-on for anyone whose heart beats! I invite you to be juiced by Hannah! (Hannah----we haven't met---but next time I'm in the UK---or better still, YOU are in Colorado----consider yourself invited to the Big Red Couch. We'll make sure to dip in the pine trees or the creek, too!) 

Hannah's Top 5 Tips...

Explore new terrain

Going to a new country gives you an instant alternative perspective. 

Let go with music 

Handing yourself over to music is liberating, it allows your mojo space to move, to dance, to come alive. 

Invest in courses/workshops/retreats

(Yup....this includes coaching!)

Hit nature up good and proper

Nature is where we belong. It nourishes us. 

Read, read, read

Reading continuously drip-feeds the spirit.


"Invest In" absolutely includes hiring a coach!

This is not a luxury.

Your gorgeous responsibility is to tend your life. Nothing more. Nothing less. Notice what's calling your name!! And if it's "I'd like Lynn Young as my coach" well then, by all means go for it!

Simply, email me at It really is that easy! 

Life's too short not to be bold---and go straight towards your heart's desire! 

Here's to your self-development! In whatever form! And mine, too. I think I hear the pine trees out back calling my name!