"Tell me, what is it you will you do with your one wild and precious life?" ~Mary Oliver

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Feast and Play

It's about SEEing.

Seeing life. All of life.

Without judgment. 

On my run this morn---beauty raw splayed death enjoyed nourishing. Fluffy downy fur of squirrel---so fauwny, gently moving in the morn's fresh breeze. The softness of body, still. The pavement its rest. The entrails so purely pinkish freshest red. The powerfully bold black, azure and white magpies purely the banquet table. Savoring. 

All of this true. 

All of this real.

All of this.

My mind wanted to categorize----"Oh, I thought it was so lovely, then realized!" And I knew better. It is all whole, real, present, alive, dead, rhythmic, cyclic. Needn't land into my mind's puny sorting categories of good and bad. Nice and awful. Way. Too. Small.

A mile going the other direction. A pair of tiny bunnies---teenagers I'm guessing. I almost didn't see the shadow of the small pine. Dusty greys. Ears sheer pink/white sun dashed. So still. About two feet apart. Gazing into each other's eyes. I know---my impression---but honestly, it felt meditative. Holding the connection. I run by...and there, out of the corner of my eye...I see it. One pounces on the other. Leap. Pure play. Delight. 

Just as real.

Just as whole.

Just as present.

My/our privilege is to...

See it all.

Be with it all.

Embrace it all.

What an outrageously delightful joy----squirrels, magpies and bunnies. My earbuds bringing new thoughts. The barriers in my mind shattering minute by minute, step by step. And I haven't even had breakfast yet.